Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hej! From Stockholm, Sweden!

Hej! God Morgon!
(**this post is still under construction, just a rough layout at the moment to organize my thoughts ** )

I have been in lovely Stockholm for about three weeks nows and my life has been crazy, complicated, cool! But now things are finally starting to settle down a bit and I figured it is time for my long overdue blogpost about my Swedish Adventure so far :)

So what have I been doing?

Well, I am not going to lie, the first week was pretty difficult. I was so sleep deprived, thanks to the jet-lag. Sighs, I am pretty sure I killed a fair share of my brain cells that week, but at least I set up my internet, figured out my mobile and practiced navigating the tube system. Then, last week I finished and submitted my application to the Stockholm School of Economics! (Wish me luck!) And finally this week is the first chance that I have had to breathe and I am finally feeling a bit human again. I have been working A LOT, but I really enjoy my job. I love my work environment and my coworkers are so friendly and hilarious. I wonder if all Swedish offices are as welcoming and have as much fika(and pie) as mine? Plus, every friday is Cosy Friday, meaning we drink Swedish light beer and boxed wine in the office! Wow, why don't we do that in USA?

Some topics I will be addressing in upcoming posts:

Are Swedish Stereotypes true?
Well like one of my best friends always says, "There is a kernel of truth behind every joke!" I think the same applies to a degree. be continued

How to begin your life in Sweden
Using your foreign debit card-expensive
Swedish ID
Stockholm Tube be contintued

What happens when a Chinese-American girl goes to Stureplan alone: be continued

Navigating the Minefield that is Swedish Dating one Fika at a time! be continued

Shopping and Fashion in Stockholm
The Swedish male and the ubiquitous brightly colored tight pant
How to complete your shopping before 7 pm be contintued

When in Sweden do as Swedes Do!
SATs Gym vs Friskies
Fika, Fika and more Fika!
Cosy Friday be continued

Random Observations about Stockholm
Showers are required in offices of a certain size
No need to tip at lunch be continued

Useful Swedish Phrases be continued

Song of the Day:
"Passion Pit - Little Secrets"

Hejdå! -Ran

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