Friday, February 21, 2014

Back to CPH

Shanghai>Copenhagen>Chicago>Copenhagen (whew!)
After a month of whirlwind nonstop traveling, it feels good to be "home". Is Copenhagen home now? o.O

It seems 2014 has just rolled in, but actually almost two full months have passed. How did it go by so fast? Did I not notice because I was so busy and jetlagged? Its been great seeing old friends and making new friends, but something has to be said for falling asleep in my very own new apartment, on my own pillow, wrapped snuggly in my own sheets. Aah- the feeling of pure bliss :)

Now that Im back and somewhat recovered from my jetlag. Its back to work as usual. There is no rest for the weary! Back to networking, back to hustling, back to getting sh*t done. I can admit I haven't been a very good blogger lately- I guess I have been too busy living my life to write about my life. Maybe that is good thing... but one of my resolutions for 2014 is to commit more to my blog. So you, my dear reader will be hearing more from me :)

So much has been happening in my life, per usual. So many changes-new apartment, new internship, new opportunities, new problems, new choices, new people. I don't think I have had time to wrap my head around it all yet. Many good things have happened and some bad along with it too. But I'll tell you what - for every problem there is a solution, and if I work hard, have self-control and becreative, then 2014 is going to be MY year- I can feel it :)

Onwards and forwards! Lets do this ! -Ran

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How is it that...

How is that when your life is the most full- good luck happens in spades. Good friends, good times and great loves. My observation from this is that happiness begets more happiness.

Yet when your life is empty- it only gets more empty. You attract negative people, negative experiences and more emptiness.

But life is an oscillation right? No one can perpetually be happy, and I think it must take great effort to always remember to be sad or angry at something. Life is a balance of the two- yin and yang-so enjoy the ride and when you are lucky enough to be in a happy cycle of your life, remember to smile, to dance, to travel and to love. Because as cliche as it sounds (or unless you believe in re-carnation, and how many of us do?), you only live once... :)

Am I happy today? Yes. I am.

Millennium Park, Chicago, IL

I am listening to:
Balmorhea-Rivers Arms

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back in Chi-Town

Great to back in Chi-town. Straight from the airport to the neighborhood pho joint! :)

The weather right now in Chicago is crazy. Everything is covered in snow and its way colder here than in Copenhagen, brrr. But still, it feels so good to be back in the USof A...even if it's only for a week.
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