Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday at HIVE!

Since I have been traveling so much, its been quite some time since I have gone out in Copenhagen. So this friday night out with the girls was a treat! I can't believe I have never been to HIVE( before, but all I can say was that it was AWESOME!!! Huge place, beautiful people, killer music and free bar- what more could girl ask for?

Hope you guys are having an kickass weekend - pArTy-on! -Ranimal Ma

Pretty in Pink :)

Work hard, play hard

We clean up nice !

It's going down!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Day Trip to Beautiful Monaco !!!

So we finally finished our volunteer duties in Nice so my friend Julia and I decided to take a quick day trip to beautiful Monaco ! All I can say is - wow!
I'm not sure what I was expecting but Monaco blew me away ! The cars, the people, the clothes -everything is glam all the way- man I could really get used to this.

Feeling blue in Monaco !

Monte Carlo Casino - l@@k at the cars!

Soaking up some rays :)

The coast was surreal.

Beauty is everywhere in Monaco.

Training some seagulls  :P
Getting my shop on.

Buddha bar!

AWEsome music and what a gorgeous place!

What a view !

Neighborhood in Lights

World of Health IT in Nice, France

So I just back from a week long trip to Nice, France where I was working as a volunteer at the World of Health IT conference. I almost didn't go on this trip due to my current apartment crisis, but you know what - I am so proud of myself for going, because this trip is just want I needed!

Nice is GORGEOUS! I mean what can I say? It was f*cking amazing- the warm sun, shopping and all the macaroons we could eat. And while I had to do some mundane volunteer tasks like passing out delegate bags :p, I had free hotel, food and access to all the exhibits and talks at the conference. I met great people, exchanged ideas and now may have opened the doors to new business opportunities. AWEsome!

My friend Julia and I finished off our week in the French Riveria with a spontaneous day-trip to Monaco. Wow! That was pure heaven!! Monaco is definietly one of my favorite places that I have ever been to! It was such a contrast to Denmark- see next post for pictures from our perfect day in Monaco :)

So moral of the story is: Keep your word and carry through. What is meant to happen will - keep smiling and keep traveling - XOXO - Ran


So I totally bought this place.

Seafood by the Seaside - can't really beat this :)

Quaint old neighborhood in Nice, France

Can I move here?

Double trouble - its conference time!


Pink fur on the tram - "pourquoi pas?"

So Business.

World of Health IT Conference Volunteers!

"Danes" in Nice!

Earning my keep - Working hard!

Officially done with work! Now its party time!! <3

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nordic Startup Conference

Yesterday was the Nordic Startup Conference ( and this full day event attracted the best and brightest from the Nordic startup ecosystem- It was really nice to meet new faces and also catchup with the people I haven't seen in a while :)

So it was a kewl venue, great people, interesting presentations and an overall awesome time! Great to see CPH startup community growing and coming together. What an exciting time to be living in this city!

VC panel discussions

Birdseye view of pitching battle!

Beer + pizza = best idea ever!

Speaking about failure- very inspiring!

Conference Selfies :P

A big thank you to conference staff! - Job well done!

Pictionaire- startup style! :p

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When things get tough, the tough get going!

Bam! Whack! Kapow! Boom!

Do you hear that?! That's me waking up today and Kicking A$$!!

The point of a blog is to be honest right? So there is no sugarcoating here- this week officially sucks. The moment I solve one problem, another unexpected one pops up. My life in Copenhagen is a perpetual cycle of putting out one fire after another >:O

BUT- you know what? I chose to move to Copenhagen, I chose to live this life, so now I have to take all these challenges in stride. I mean- what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger right?

When you move abroad to a new country where you don't know anyone and have no family or friends, it can be tough to feel like you belong. Of course it is easy to have "drinking buddies"- and I have more than my fair share of those, but it is when things go wrong that you see who your true friends are. The ones that got your back, NO MATTER WHAT. And when you are having a hard time- you don't even have to ask- bc they are already on the way with backup. Those people are true friends and I am lucky to have some steadfast ones in my life -I don't think I would have lasted this long in CPH without them.

Therefore, on days like today when I feel like the world is screwing me over - I still have hope. I know I can find my way because I am not in this alone :) anddddd I have been through worse haven't I?

So I tell myself: Get up, Ran! There is work to be done! You gave up everything to move this new place to do something. To MAKE SOMETHING! So GET UP! and get GOING!

And yes, dem haterz gonna hate :p -Ran

I'm grooving to:
Milky Chance - "Stolen Dance"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Morning Text


Woke up to a text from my landlord that his job offer didn't work out and I need to move out by May 1. Are you kidding me?? I am so busy right now with work and I have several conference trips already prebooked for April and May. How can I manage this?? and finding an apartment in CPH is near to impossible in one month :(

Its really been such a struggle with apartment hunting here. So much time and money spent moving, packing, unpacking and searching.

Ive been living out of boxes and suitcases since I arrived here because I was never sure when I had to move again. You know I am as much a nomad as nomads come, but right now for the next three months- while we are working on our campaign- a bit of stability couldn't hurt. And guess what the irony is, I was just planning to go to IKEA this upcoming weekend to finally get some "real" furniture so I could officially finish unpacking and make my apartment feel like a HOME...

Damn, I really, really liked my current place (but I guess it was never really mine was it?) I was finally starting to feel like I belonged in Copenhagen. And now- yet again- everything is up in the air and I have to start over again.

Yes. I think might cry a bit today. Just a little bit.

Man this sucks.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stockholm Weekend Trip :)

So great to see my friends and old haunts again. I was surprised with a mini excursion to Malmö, Sweden a couple weeks back and a wave of nostalgia for all things Swedish washed over me. I missed Fika, Semlas and the "singsong" language- I knew I just had to go back to Stockholm for a bit - so I did!

What can you do with 48 hours in Stockholm? Apparently plenty! :p It was lovely to walk around the streets that first made me fall in love with Scandinavia a year a ago. Even though I eventually choose to settle down in Copenhagen for the time being, Stockholm will always have a special place in my heart- as my first Scandinavian love <3

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