Sunday, August 10, 2014

Amsterdam and the Hague

---coming soon ---

Fashion Week Copenhagen

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Stella Polaris - the biggest chill out festival in the world

Coming soon ---  in in Frederiksberg Have.

Classic Danish Lunch

So I've been falling behind on my blog...but that usually happens when I've been too busy living my life to write about my life!

Hello from Amsterdam!- I just arrived here yesterday! Amsterdam is amazing (post coming soon) but today it's pouring rain and there is a storm danger alert right now, so I thought I would take a few minutes indoors and post this quick update from last week.

Since coming back to Denmark, I've was really looking forward getting some work done at Copenhagen Business School, but when I stopped by CBS, it was a ghost town -.-. I guess summer school just ended or hasn't started yet because the whole building was pretty much ABANDONED. I felt really super weird sitting in there by myself, so as lunch time rolled around I decided to get off campus and joined a friend at Hansens Gamle Familiehave. Hansens Gamle Familiehave is a Danish restaurant serving tradtional food conveniently located a few minutes walk from Copenhagen Business School.

For lunch we decided to go big or go home and got a lunch sampler:
3 skags sild ned hjemmelavet karrysalat, fersk røget laks med røræg, fiskefilet med remoulade, hønsesalat mad bacon, mørbradbøf med bløde løg, flækesteg med rødkål, brie med druer"
---or according to handy dandy google translate--
"3 skags herring down homemade curry salad, smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, fish fillet with tartar sauce, chicken salad food bacon, pork tenderloin steak with fried onions, flækesteg with red cabbage, brie with grapes"

Lunch was WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, and I think even now, a half week later, I am still suffering from the resulting food coma. All the meat and the fried and smoked fish were amazing, but ohhhh the herring.....I mean I have had herring couple times in the winter time and I thought it was not that bad, dare I say, even kinda good. However this time, maybe it was the sweltering Scandinavian noon sun beating down on us, or the fact that I had already consumed half my body weight in Danish delicacies - but I defilingly wasn't feeling the herring at lunch. It was salty, slippery and worst of all... lukewarm. I tried my best to be polite and managed to get down a nibble or two --- but man, oh man--- it was not easy for me. The waiter noticed me struggling and kindly offered me a glass of schnapps to wash the herring down o.o. 

Overall(minus my herring experience), I must say lunch was awesome- great company, great beer(and schnapps) and great food! 

Hope everyone is having a great summer! "Skål!" - Ran- A Nomad eating her way through Europe

The cold dishes

The Herring -.-

The hot dishes

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tentative Travel Plans

Is this what Fall 2014 will look like for me? Whew- a lot of planning to do...

July30-Aug 8 Copenhagen, Denmark
Aug 9- 10 Amsterdam, Holland
Aug 12-14 Antwerp, Belgium 
Aug 15-16 Bruges, Belgium 
Aug 17-19 London, England 
Aug 19 -21 Glasgow, Scotland 
Aug 21-24 Edinburgh, Scotland 
Aug 25-27 Stockholm, Sweden 
Aug 28-30 Copenhagen, Denmark

TechCrunch Disrupt SF, San Francisco, California, (September 7-11, 2013)  

Maker on NY September 17 
Makerfaire NY September 20-21

Chicago for two weeks 
Oct 29-30th (Pioneers Festival Vienna) 
Gemany/Austria for one week 
Nov 6-8th (Dublin Web Summit) 
Norway for 10 days 
Nov 18-19th (Slush Helsinki)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alternate Endings

Funny how life works sometimes?

Remember when life was simple and you had to make simple choices? Like back in high school when you had to choose if you should go to a football go or not? What would be the difference in outcome of that choice? Not much difference I suppose, since you would be most likely see the same people at school and done the same things at the next Friday night football game.

But now- it seems my life is at higher stakes. Each choice I make, each day seems to have huge impacts on the direction my life goes. And many of these impacts are almost impossible to predict.

3 months ago I left CPH with just one suitcase and planning to stay 1 week, and now Im back in CPH to move all my stuff out? Wow how did all this even happen!? I love CPH and had the stars aligned, I would have stayed here for a very long time. I took such a big risk and worked hard to make a life for myself here-yet somehow through a series of unforeseen events in rapid succession- things turned out so differently than how I thought they would. So quickly, so abruptly, my life changed 180 degrees this summer.

Does time heal all wounds? Do we learn from our choices? I always been a believer that things happen for a reason- and so far life has proved me right, because each time something ends - it leads me to walk  onto the path of finding something better- something more right. To explore and find the way.

But I would not be human if I did not pause and ponder my choices. How could my life have turned out, if I  had just made one or two different crucial choices?

What if I had never gone on my Eurotrip 2 summers ago? Would I have never wanted to move to Scandinavia?
What if I had stayed in Chicago? Would I still be living the same life?
What if things had turned out differently this spring? Would I never have gone to California?
What if I haven't gone up to SF and just stayed down in San Jose? Would I have decided to come back to CPH?

Oh, choices, choices, Choices--It seems to me that traveling is the common thread in all my crucial choices-- Trips can be life changing, and sometimes situations and people are never the same again. Traveling puts ideas in people's head and these ideas have changed the course of my life.

I have to believe, I do believe, there are no regrets in life- just lessons that needed to be learned. I am 27 this year and I am still finding my way. Who would have thought that coming to Copenhagen would lead me to San Francisco? I am doing this for myself. Alone - I will travel forth again.

Home Sweet Copenhagen

I travel so much and I travel constantly. But it never struck me until today, just how powerful our modern transportation technology is. Less than 20 hours ago, I was going to events SF with friends and living out of a suitcase in my tiny little "bonus" room in Northbeach/Telegraph hill, and now, one international flight later I find myself back in my apartment in Copenhagen.

Arriving in CPH was so strange today. I have been gone for the whole summer- almost 3 months to the day. Yet it was like nothing had changed, but everything had changed at the same time. It felt both comforting yet alien- maybe it is because I am the one that changed. Walking down the street in Copenhagen, I felt like I was living an alternate life, it is just so different here than in San Francisco. I love Scandinavia-I love the order, the cleanliness, the serenity, the beauty, the history, the list goes on and on. I have experienced so much in the last three months and I know I will experience so much more in the upcoming months - on one hand I feel that I have outgrown my beloved CPH, while on the other it feels so soothing to come back to a place where I have amazing friends and memories, and where I actually know the streets and can navigate the public transport without getting lost - it is so peaceful here without constant noise, without ambulances/police cars zipping back and forth and without the general craziness of SF happening all the time. Feels good to recharge in solitude.

Unlocking the door to my flat I felt like I was walking into a museum, all my boxes were still packed from when I moved in three months ago - I have only stayed in this place less than 5 days since I moved in. How did time go by so quickly? When I first arrived in back CPH this afternoon, every fiber in my body screamed, go back, gooooo back to hustle and bustle of SF. I was missing everything and everyone there. But now after a much needed nap(have you ever been so tired you pass out into a dreamless sleep?) in this HUGE BED and in my MASSIVE APARTMENT that I live in ALONE- it kinda feels good to have space and privacy- something I definitely haven't had in the last three months of couchsurfing and something I won't have again for a long while. When you travel as much as I do, you learn not to take the simple pleasures in life for granted. Something as common place as sleeping alone in a large soft bed, in your own fresh sheets and pillows - where you can sprawl out in every which direction and then the icing on the cake is- having your own private bathroom(even if is tiny and designed for midgets?) is just pure magical f&cking bliss.

The movers come tomorrow and the craziness will start again. But tonight, just for this one last singular night, my apartment in CPH is still mine, and it's quiet, its comfortable and I am blissfully alone with just my thoughts.

Yes, it's good to be home.

-Ran - A Nomad Home at Last

Home is where the heart is and Copenhagen is the closest thing I have to home. I moved not knowing anyone or anything and tried to irk out an existence here. Its been a crazy ride and so many unpredictable things have gone wrong along the way- But, still I wouldn't change a thing :) In the space of less than a year I have made life-long friends and learned so much about this beautiful land and about myself. Thank you Copenhagen.

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