Saturday, February 21, 2015


Can you believe it's 2015?!

Haha, I guess you can say it's been 2015 for a while, I mean it's even 2015 even by Chinese standards(Chinese New Years just passed ^^).

And of course I am WAY behind on my blog... so much as changed but so much is still the same. I am still traveling, still single, still trying to find my way. I am spending this winter in sunny San Francisco, and its very hot. Actually unbelievably hot. Having spent the last three winters in Chicago, Stockholm and Copenhagen, this balmy winter feels refreshing yet a bit...unnatural. Dare I say I miss the snow, the wind and dark nights of Northern Europe...or maybe I just miss my fabulous fur coats ;p

I have made three new years resolutions. Very clear, very simple ones.
1. Build my company
2. Find love
3. Get in shape

Sure, starting my company is utterly terrifying and having not worked out for two years due to traveling has made getting in shape a very daunting task- but of the three resolutions, it is the second one that is by far the hardest. Honestly, looking at my track record, I know that finding love in one short year is probably not in the cards for me. I mean - when have I even stood still long enough to get to know anyone, let alone develop feelings? But in making my resolution, I will at least open myself to try to feel "something". I promise I will allow myself to GO ON DATES. I am human afterall....

And even though this year just started, I will already be traveling shortly! I will be heading to Denmark and south Sweden and possibly Berlin in the next couple of days. After that I will be going straight to LA and then maybe Chicago?(unconfirmed). Things are about to get pretty crazy but as usual I am sure I will manage :)

I know its a bit late, but Happy 2015 and safe travels to everyone! I have a good feeling about this year!  - An Optimistic Nomad -Ran

San Francisco China Town

The day after Chinese New Years: Fire Crackers litter the streets

Happy Year of the Goat! 样年快乐!

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