Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How is it that...

How is that when your life is the most full- good luck happens in spades. Good friends, good times and great loves. My observation from this is that happiness begets more happiness.

Yet when your life is empty- it only gets more empty. You attract negative people, negative experiences and more emptiness.

But life is an oscillation right? No one can perpetually be happy, and I think it must take great effort to always remember to be sad or angry at something. Life is a balance of the two- yin and yang-so enjoy the ride and when you are lucky enough to be in a happy cycle of your life, remember to smile, to dance, to travel and to love. Because as cliche as it sounds (or unless you believe in re-carnation, and how many of us do?), you only live once... :)

Am I happy today? Yes. I am.

Millennium Park, Chicago, IL

I am listening to:
Balmorhea-Rivers Arms

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