Friday, May 10, 2013

The Waiting Game.

Holding my breath and waiting for my future to find me…

Its during those trying times, that you see who are the real ones in your life. May it be a kind word, a gentle smile or a reassuring hug, a small bit of kindness goes a long way when one is adrift in a sea of uncertainties-a small life preserver amidst stormy waters. When the bonds of friendship and unconditional love are tested to the upmost, I have been amazed by the overwhelming love and support I received from most, but I have also been sorely disappointed at the ignorance and cruelty of a few. But in the end, I thank you- thank you for setting me free from having to love you.

Nothing worth having in life comes easy, so I work, I learn and I dream. One day I will find what I am looking for...


I am listening to:
"A Happening" - Hyperstory

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