Thursday, June 6, 2013

White-ney! Day 1

My girl Whitney and I go wayyyyy back, I'm talking freshmen year back. The fact that she has taken the time to visit me TWICE since I have moved to Chi-town shows some major heart, so man I love this girl! Whitney is hilarious, down-to-earth and always knows how to have a good time!

Our action-packed weekend started out with a classy dinner at BOKA where we dined on the best first foie gras I have ever had in my life! This singular experience of having buttery melt-in-my mouth goose liver, has cemented in my mind the reality that I am not and will never be a "petite" asian girl! As the sun set over the beautiful Chicago skyline we cranked up the fun by heading out to the River North area. At Social 25 our ragtag group showcased our "unique" dance moves and managed to drop(partyfoul!) so many drinks on the dance floor that the janitors had their mops ready and waiting. By the end of the night we had worked up a major appetite which at 1 am could only be sated at one place-the infamous late night eatery-Five Faces. One hour and 40 dollars later, with our insides thoroughly coated by greasy gut-busting fast food, we went to bed full, happy and dreaming of more fun to come the next day...

Foie Gras at BOKA-What little girls' dreams are made of...

 Staying classy at Michelin-star restaurant: BOKA

Freshmen besties-all grown up!

 Unleashing the new moves! hahaha

Antisocial at Social 25

 Chili Dog x 2 at Five Faces

Old school us-circa 2005-check out Whitney's stylin' flip-phone! haha


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