Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally, a fitting end to my Danish housing saga!

Finding housing in Copenhagen, where do I begin?

Yes, it is competitive!
Yes, it is time consuming!
Yes, there are a lot of rules!
Yes, it is much harder for expats!
And of course it is expensive!!!

But if you don't give up, think outside the box and with a bit of luck, I believe everyone can eventually find a place in this city!

So, how exactly did I find my place? Well, if you read my previous blog posts, you know I tried everything I could think of- even paying a hefty subscription to several Danish apartment hunting sites and staying up all hours of the night prowling online listings. However in the end, my Danish apartment lead actually came from the most unlikely of sources...

Back during my final month in Stockholm this winter, I was getting a bit restless so I embarked on an excursion to Lund and Copenhagen via Couchsurfing. I had such a fantastic time with my amazing and musically gifted CS hosts in Copenhagen that I decided I had to repay the CS community in kind. So upon my return to Stockholm, I hosted two sets of CSers during my final week in the city. The schedule was tight, and my apartment was cramped but we made memories and friendships for a lifetime! However, little did I realize, just how pivotal this experience was going to be...

As it turned out one my Couchsurfers actually lived in CPH and when he heard I was moving to town and was struggling to find a place, he generously connected me with one of his friends who just happened to have a fully furnished apartment available. So, long story short, I am now the happy tenant of a comfortable, dog-friendly, and affordable apartment in Østerbro! Not bad, eh?

The takeaway message for the day? The Couchsurfing community is truly amazing and...all hail KARMA!

"Hygge"-licious! A place to call my own in Copenhagen :)


I am listening to:
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  1. House hunting can be pretty tiring since there are a lot of things to consider, like your budget, the area's security or even one that's pet-friendly. I'm glad that after all the effort you put in, you finally found a place to call yours in the coolest way possible. Congrats!

  2. Hej Von, thanks for reading! and yes I was so lucky to find my own little slice of Copenhagen! :D


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