Sunday, September 29, 2013

Should I Be Worried?

Friday night was the first time since I moved to Copenhagen that I got a full nights sleep.
Saturday was the first day I had time I had free time and a chance to spruce up my humble abode. And last night was the first time I actually slept in my bed(now that I finally acquired sheets and real pillows) !

As I have had a warm coffee and some time to think, I realize that my life has been one nonstop chaotic rush forward. I haven't had any personal time, no time to work out, no time to unpack and definitely no social life-(other than school events**at least I love my classmates!)

Should I be worried? Will things get less hectic? ha! I somehow doubt it....

Hey! But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?! If I don't work hard and put in the time, how will I ever succeed in this new land, this new field and start my own business? In the words of one of our guest lecturers, I want to "do good while doing well!" Its no secret that I want to create something extraordinary and change the world. However it seems the tradeoff for my ambition is a nonexistent dating life, which unbelievably is even worse than it was in Stockholm- where can girl get a "fika" around here? I can admit that this situation is mostly partially my fault as I've had negative free time lately, but still, if Denmark is the land of the *true* Vikings, then where art thou?! :p

Sighs...well I guess worse case scenario, I can always join a Danish version of (See my foray into online Swedish dating here)...  >.<

Or maybe I am just approaching this all wrong: "Dating in Denmark get drunk and find your true love"! << ??!!

A well-spent Saturday at IKEA= Apartment now at maximum "Hyggeligt" level !

-Ran-A Chinese-American Girl Lost in Scandinavia

I am listening to:
The Submarines- You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (Tonetiger Remix)

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