Monday, April 7, 2014

World of Health IT in Nice, France

So I just back from a week long trip to Nice, France where I was working as a volunteer at the World of Health IT conference. I almost didn't go on this trip due to my current apartment crisis, but you know what - I am so proud of myself for going, because this trip is just want I needed!

Nice is GORGEOUS! I mean what can I say? It was f*cking amazing- the warm sun, shopping and all the macaroons we could eat. And while I had to do some mundane volunteer tasks like passing out delegate bags :p, I had free hotel, food and access to all the exhibits and talks at the conference. I met great people, exchanged ideas and now may have opened the doors to new business opportunities. AWEsome!

My friend Julia and I finished off our week in the French Riveria with a spontaneous day-trip to Monaco. Wow! That was pure heaven!! Monaco is definietly one of my favorite places that I have ever been to! It was such a contrast to Denmark- see next post for pictures from our perfect day in Monaco :)

So moral of the story is: Keep your word and carry through. What is meant to happen will - keep smiling and keep traveling - XOXO - Ran


So I totally bought this place.

Seafood by the Seaside - can't really beat this :)

Quaint old neighborhood in Nice, France

Can I move here?

Double trouble - its conference time!


Pink fur on the tram - "pourquoi pas?"

So Business.

World of Health IT Conference Volunteers!

"Danes" in Nice!

Earning my keep - Working hard!

Officially done with work! Now its party time!! <3

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