Thursday, February 28, 2013

Swedish Adventures: March-ing On

Today is the last day of February and the first day that I have seen the sun...dare I say that spring has finally arrived in Stockholm? But more importantly, how have two months passed by so quickly?!

Can one be depressed without realizing they were depressed? Looking back, I think sometime between Marta's visit and my excursion to Denmark, I must have unwittingly been caught by the frozen grip of the Sweden's unforgiving winter. Dark lonely nights coupled with confusing forays into Swedish dating would nudge any sane(over-thinking) mind down the slippery slope of self-pity, insecurity and pure disgruntled pessimism.

But now, as I sit outside during my lunch break with the soft rays of sunlight warming my face, I feel that something else is being warmed…. my soul perhaps? My negativity seems to have retreated along with the melting snow, and I am remembering why I came to Stockholm in the first place-to LIVE, to LEARN, to LOVE, to experience a new culture, to push my boundaries...

With all that said, March is a new month, my last month, in beautiful(now sunny) Scandi. So yes! with my new found optimism I have plotted my remaining time here:

3/1: Hellsgården Sauna by Lake Källtorpssiön
3/2: Skansen Open-air Museum on Djurgården Island
3/3: Fotographiska Museum, Vassar Museum(Vasamseet)

3/8: Ice Bar
3/9: SVMK Fest!
3/10: Kungliga Slottet(Royal Palace) 12:15 changing of the guards, Hilma af Klint Exhibit at Moderna Museet

3/16-17: Would like to see Oslo but if I don't have time/money then a Weekend Cruise to Estonia!(why not?)
Archipelgo Boat Tour, Sky Globe Cafe(Skyview ride), UpplevMer Roof-Walking tour

3/20: Lund
3/22: Malmö
3/23-24: Copenhagen

3/29-30Last weekend in Stockholm = PARTY TIME! wooo!

4/2: Hello Chicago :)

PS- Have faith, my friends! Any remaining gloom in my system will surely be cleansed tomorrow-as I sauna(naked!) and then sit(still naked!) in an ice hole on the FROZEN Lake Källtorpssiön...

"Puss"- Ran

Copenhagen, Denmark
(Beautiful! but inexplicably colder than Stockholm)

Song of the Day:
"Cloud-Winter Nights(Nordic Lounge)"

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