Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Typical Swedish Look (that I have encountered)

§Day Look
§Grunge style”-Flat ankle boots, cocoon coat, snood scarf, large cross body purse, heavy mascara, minimal eye shadow and lipstick, light eyeline(observed on tube)
§“Posh Style”-Fur coat, fur hat, fur scarf, small dog with small dog jacket (observed in Ostermalm)
§Evening Look
§Sweater dress with hose or leggings (observed at Berns)
§Day Look
§Man-purse, brightly colored tight fitting pants, snood scarf, conspicuously styled hair-usually shorter on the sides and longer on top then gelled to the side (observed on tube)
§Evening Look
§“Preppy”-Brightly colored button-up shirt, brightly colored pants, brightly colored sweater/cardigan tied backwards across shoulders, loafers (observed at Berns)
§“Hipster”-Oversized black rimmed glasses, tight jeans, tight shirts (observed at Morfar Ginko)

This post is part of my Trendspotting Assignment for work LOL :D

Below is a some cartoon representations of the stereotypical Swedish look by area. I must admit they are pretty true...


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