Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Arrival of My Favorite Polack!


Since the moment I laid eyes on this Polish blonde bombshell in fourth grade... I knew we would be Best Friends Forever! <3
Marta arrived in lovely Stockholm, Sweden on Monday night and I couldn't be more excited(and she brought me polish goodies!)

I haven't had any visitors here yet, and to be honest, while I have had a blast in Sweden, I have been missing my friends something fierce. Yesterday, we walked around Stureplan(had to make the obligatory stop at ZARA ofc) and crisscrossed Gamla Stan.

We visited the Nobel Museum, which while very stylish turned out to be quite small. Luckily the museum is free every Tuesday afternoon from 5 to 8 pm. We traversed the cobbled streets and quaint squares of "Old City" while snacking on such local delicacies like the ubiquitous Wasa snack and a variation of the infamous "Tunnbrödsrulle", which can roughy described as the bastard child of a hotdog-pita-mashed potato coupling.

We were having such a grand time that we hardly minded the frigid winter winds or the snow-rain-ice-sleet buffeting our faces. The joy I experienced with my visiting Polack helped ease the painful memory of yesterday's morning commute during which I slipped and fell TWICE. I know that I have been pushing my luck by trekking around ice-covered Stockholm in my beautiful yet completely grip-free Zara Antik boots. So when I went down hard (the first time) right outside the tube stop, while mortified, part of me gamely accepted my fate. A kindly man who spoke neither Swedish or English rushed to help me up. After I thanked him profusely, I tried to hurry away from the scene of my embarrassment and BAM! on the ground I went again! As my now twice-broken body laid sprawled out on Stockholm's busy street, I blinked away the rain-sleet(or was it tears?) that had gathered around the corners of my eyes and wondered to myself what had I done to offend the Nordic gods so? Again, the nice man came to my rescue, and after I was finally untangled and upright again, I decided it best that I implore the man to escort me to the end of the block. The rest of the journey was a blur but at as we parted ways, the man asked me in heavily-accented English, "Are you alright?" I responded, "Yes, my body is alright, but my dignity is destroyed!" I am not sure if the man fully understood my answer, but as I sit here now safely inside my ice-free apartment, I cant help but think how thankful I am for his timely actions but I also how much I hope I never see him again...

-An Embarrassed Nomad-Ran

Song of the Day:
Something Good Can Work(The Twelves Remix)-Two Door Cinema Club

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