Friday, May 9, 2014

What have I learned?

It was a really tight squeeze with my apartment issues and electronic problems, I almost didn't come on this trip-but I am so glad I did. When I left on this trip to Berlin, I thought I would learn about startups, investing, IT etc, and I have learned about these things, but I have also learned something much more valuable- I learned about myself.

During my time in Berlin I have learned both how fragile and how resilient I am. I have really not had a easy go of things lately, but you know what? I still did all the things I had to do- for better for worse, I never stopped trying. I'm here trying my damn hardest to live in the present, to seize opportunities, to make new connections- to learn by doing. But, this does not always come naturally. I think I must fail 100 times a day. I get shy and awkward. My words get stuck in my throat. Sometimes really important people talk to me, and I am flabbergasted why they are interested in me. Even worse, sometimes I meet people and I get intimidated and don't say anything at all. Maybe all those years in the lab and studying engineering has really made me an awkward turtle -.-

But life is what you make it right? and we humans are not static beings. We are self aware for a reason-we evolve to match our environments so that we not only survive, but thrive. So as I watch the people that are older and wiser than me network and pitch-it becomes obvious that business is an art. There are opportunities everywhere. Especially when you are traveling, chance encounters can happen in the blink of an eye, and you never know who you are going to meet or how that meeting might change your life. So now I know I need to keep practicing, be clever, and most especially- I need to trust myself. Because what is the worst that can happen? Someone doesn't like what I have to say, or doesn't want to talk to me? Oh well?! I need to stop being worried of saying something wrong, because a wise friend told me: "Everyone wants something, you just have to figure out what they want, and sell it." So what happens if I never say anything? Never have the guts to even say hello. What I have learned on this trip is that I will lose 100% of the opportunities that I don't take. My future is in my hands and I'm ready to take it in stride. And besides- Fake it till you make it, right babbby? :p


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