Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amsterdam Part 2

Slightly hungover and half a day late to a conference is never a good thing, not to mention I was soaked from the rainstorm that had decided to start right when I got on Hugo's bike. So I guess you can say I really wasn't feeling my best when I finally checked in at Hotel Casa 400 and clipped on my QSEU14 badge. My head was pounding and even the ambient light was hurting my eyes - damn what do they put in Dutch beer? :p

Eventually I started feeling better and sight of familiar faces put me back on track. I ran into Erik and Jakob from Cortium( and we attended some office hours and sessions. Cortium makes an awesome little heart monitor that tracks your heart rate, respiration and position. It's portable, accurate, open source and takes advantage of off the shelf parts like standard electrodes. Being the curious person that I am, of course I offered to try it out for the conference, and besides, what better way to get insight than to wear the device and see how it really feels and get feedback. The device was surprisingly easy to put on and my data collected inside the device but also could be streamed via bluetooth to a smart phone/tablet. I spent the rest of the day with the device on and I must admit it really was surprisingly comfortable to wear.

--more to come--

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