Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alternate Endings

Funny how life works sometimes?

Remember when life was simple and you had to make simple choices? Like back in high school when you had to choose if you should go to a football go or not? What would be the difference in outcome of that choice? Not much difference I suppose, since you would be most likely see the same people at school and done the same things at the next Friday night football game.

But now- it seems my life is at higher stakes. Each choice I make, each day seems to have huge impacts on the direction my life goes. And many of these impacts are almost impossible to predict.

3 months ago I left CPH with just one suitcase and planning to stay 1 week, and now Im back in CPH to move all my stuff out? Wow how did all this even happen!? I love CPH and had the stars aligned, I would have stayed here for a very long time. I took such a big risk and worked hard to make a life for myself here-yet somehow through a series of unforeseen events in rapid succession- things turned out so differently than how I thought they would. So quickly, so abruptly, my life changed 180 degrees this summer.

Does time heal all wounds? Do we learn from our choices? I always been a believer that things happen for a reason- and so far life has proved me right, because each time something ends - it leads me to walk  onto the path of finding something better- something more right. To explore and find the way.

But I would not be human if I did not pause and ponder my choices. How could my life have turned out, if I  had just made one or two different crucial choices?

What if I had never gone on my Eurotrip 2 summers ago? Would I have never wanted to move to Scandinavia?
What if I had stayed in Chicago? Would I still be living the same life?
What if things had turned out differently this spring? Would I never have gone to California?
What if I haven't gone up to SF and just stayed down in San Jose? Would I have decided to come back to CPH?

Oh, choices, choices, Choices--It seems to me that traveling is the common thread in all my crucial choices-- Trips can be life changing, and sometimes situations and people are never the same again. Traveling puts ideas in people's head and these ideas have changed the course of my life.

I have to believe, I do believe, there are no regrets in life- just lessons that needed to be learned. I am 27 this year and I am still finding my way. Who would have thought that coming to Copenhagen would lead me to San Francisco? I am doing this for myself. Alone - I will travel forth again.

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