Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Sweet Copenhagen

I travel so much and I travel constantly. But it never struck me until today, just how powerful our modern transportation technology is. Less than 20 hours ago, I was going to events SF with friends and living out of a suitcase in my tiny little "bonus" room in Northbeach/Telegraph hill, and now, one international flight later I find myself back in my apartment in Copenhagen.

Arriving in CPH was so strange today. I have been gone for the whole summer- almost 3 months to the day. Yet it was like nothing had changed, but everything had changed at the same time. It felt both comforting yet alien- maybe it is because I am the one that changed. Walking down the street in Copenhagen, I felt like I was living an alternate life, it is just so different here than in San Francisco. I love Scandinavia-I love the order, the cleanliness, the serenity, the beauty, the history, the list goes on and on. I have experienced so much in the last three months and I know I will experience so much more in the upcoming months - on one hand I feel that I have outgrown my beloved CPH, while on the other it feels so soothing to come back to a place where I have amazing friends and memories, and where I actually know the streets and can navigate the public transport without getting lost - it is so peaceful here without constant noise, without ambulances/police cars zipping back and forth and without the general craziness of SF happening all the time. Feels good to recharge in solitude.

Unlocking the door to my flat I felt like I was walking into a museum, all my boxes were still packed from when I moved in three months ago - I have only stayed in this place less than 5 days since I moved in. How did time go by so quickly? When I first arrived in back CPH this afternoon, every fiber in my body screamed, go back, gooooo back to hustle and bustle of SF. I was missing everything and everyone there. But now after a much needed nap(have you ever been so tired you pass out into a dreamless sleep?) in this HUGE BED and in my MASSIVE APARTMENT that I live in ALONE- it kinda feels good to have space and privacy- something I definitely haven't had in the last three months of couchsurfing and something I won't have again for a long while. When you travel as much as I do, you learn not to take the simple pleasures in life for granted. Something as common place as sleeping alone in a large soft bed, in your own fresh sheets and pillows - where you can sprawl out in every which direction and then the icing on the cake is- having your own private bathroom(even if is tiny and designed for midgets?) is just pure magical f&cking bliss.

The movers come tomorrow and the craziness will start again. But tonight, just for this one last singular night, my apartment in CPH is still mine, and it's quiet, its comfortable and I am blissfully alone with just my thoughts.

Yes, it's good to be home.

-Ran - A Nomad Home at Last

Home is where the heart is and Copenhagen is the closest thing I have to home. I moved not knowing anyone or anything and tried to irk out an existence here. Its been a crazy ride and so many unpredictable things have gone wrong along the way- But, still I wouldn't change a thing :) In the space of less than a year I have made life-long friends and learned so much about this beautiful land and about myself. Thank you Copenhagen.

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