Monday, March 11, 2013

Archipelago Tour: What happens when I schedule myself a boat ride at noon on a Sunday?

10:00-Sleep through Alarm #1
11:00-Sleep through Alarm #2
11:30- Finally WOKE UP!! ah!

Why was I awake? Oh right! Because I had foolishly thought it would be a fantastic idea to prebook a three hour boat tour around the Swedish Archipelago for a Sunday at NOON. While the islands surrounding Stockholm are a must-see, and it is true that I am leaving in a short couple of weeks, I somehow managed to overlook one very important factor-the near certainty that I would be lured yet again(see Berns entry) into the late night drunken debauchery that is Berns Bar on a Saturday.

So now it is a mere half hour before the S.S. Stockholm's scheduled departure time and my hungover, half-drunken self has finally managed to drag my body out of bed. Wow, this is not a brilliant beginning is it? I hurriedly gurgle down some mouthwash, use the o' hide-crazy-hair-under-a-hat trick, check that my makeup is still reasonably(questionably) intact from the night before and run/stumble to the Strandvägen harbor, pier 16 to be exact.

When I arrive, the crew has already withdrawn the walkway plank and are untying the docking ropes.  I desperately muster the last of my energy reserves and put on my very saddest "sad-asian-face". The crew must have took pity on my pathetic appearance because I somehow manage to convince them to let me onboard. Whew! Now having valiantly accomplished my mission, I sink wearily into my seat and the dull hum of the engine soothes my much frazzled nerves. I am relieved that the worst is behind me, and my mouth begins to salivate at the thought of a warm coffee and sweet pastry. But as I dig my hands into my coat pocket,  it dawns on me -F#@%!!- I have forgotten my tube pass, my ID and last but not debit card...

Why travel-gods WHY? -Ran-

P.S. As stressful as my ordeal was to get on the boat, in the end...the view was worth it!

The Swedish countryside: Forest covered hillsides and quaint seaside cottages-all dusted by a thick blanket of snow


Some quiet time for self-reflection and to draft out my blog :)

Back on dry land and with debit card in hand, I console myself with a much deserved French Hotdog!

Im listening to:
"Ice Cream"- Young Pony Club

Im reading:
Priceless by Robert K. Wittman with John Shiffman

Archipelago Tour-Strömma Kanalbolaget

Departs from: Strandvägen berth 15 or 16
Duration: 3 hours

Adult-240 SEK
Children 6-11 yrs: Half price
Children 0-5 yrs: Free of charge

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