Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Terrifying Beauty of Not Knowing

As I near the end of my three month stay in Stockholm, Sweden, I feel myself filled with a jumble of emotions. I am so thankful for the time I have spent in this beautiful land but now as the days grow longer and spring approaches, I am forced by life (and certain deadlines) to look towards the future and make some big decisions.

Right now, the only concrete fact I am certain of is that I must return at the end of March to finish my masters in Chicago and by mid June, I will graduate. But then, what is my next step?

My whole life, as hard as I tried to blend in, it was all in vain, because as you all know by now I just never quite manage to adhere by the rules. Now at 26, I have finally come to embrace the fact that I am just a bit different, a tad eccentric even, an artistic soul with an academic's brain, but most importantly I am completely and utterly unable walk the straight path through life.

So I guess as cliche as it sounds, the whole world and all the possibilities within it are open to me. Dare I leave America, my friends, my comfort zone, my home for the past 21 years? Not just for three months this time, but possibly forever? And if I leave, what city do I choose-Stockholm where after three months and a long Nordic winter, I am finally starting to feel at home or somewhere else-to begin a whole new adventure? Never in my life have I had so many choices, or at least dared to allow myself to consider such options…

Who knows where I am going to end up this fall?
The thought of not knowing what is going to happen is both wholly terrifying yet…oh-so-beautiful!

-Ran-A Nomad Fond of...Scenic Detours

Memories from last spring- Evanston Art Fair with my puppies :)

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"Rail de musique" - Stromae

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