Sunday, March 17, 2013

UppLev Mer Roof Walking Tour and Stockholm City Hall

Having learned my lesson from last week's disastrous hungover archipelago boat tour, I got a good nights rest and scrambled across the roofs the Stockholm on Saturday morning....eeps!

Afterwards, I had planned to check out the St Paddys Day parade in downtown Stockholm but due to Princess Lillian's Memorial, the parade was pushed back to next weekend(when I will be in Copenhagen).
Soooo.. I randomly followed some Hongkong-ians(sp?) that I had befriended whilst roof walking, onto the Stockholm City Hall Tour. The City Hall turned out to be beautiful and the guided tour-45 minutes of pure unadulterated Stockholm history- was available for the low low price of only 70SEK!

Another perfect Saturday in Stockholm....damn I'm going to miss this place. -Ran

PS. Did you know:

Copenhagen City Hall Tower is 105 meters
Stockholm City Hall Tower is 106 meters

Guess size matters after all, huh ? :p

Im listening to:
"OAR003-B"- Oni Ayhun

UppLev Mer Roof Walking Tour

Price: 595SEK
Make sure you book ahead online! Tickets WILL sell out!

Stockholm City Hall

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