Friday, March 22, 2013

Reporting from Lund, Sweden

As my eyes opened this morning, a startling thought flashed through my mind..."Heyyyy this isn't my bed, where am I?!"  

I have been traveling so much this past year-China, USA, Spain, France, Ireland, France, Honduras, Sweden, Denmark-that being confused when I wake up has become more the norm than an unusual occurance. Even now after being in Stockholm for almost three months, there are mornings where I still mistakenly think I'm back in my bedroom in Chicago. Wow, the unpredictable life of a nomad right?

But to answer my own question this morning...I'm in Lund, Sweden! I'm here to visit a fellow Chinese-American who like me, first came to Scandinavia by circumstance but without fail fell in love with this beautiful land. Lund is a quintessential university town complete with bars, coffee shops and second hand shops all catering to the 50,000 some odd students who attend Lund University each year. With Malmö just a short train ride away, we were able to attend last night's Foo Cafe event-Startup Dojo featuring a guest presentation by pioneering entrepreneur -Mikael Kretz(in a dojo outfit and all!) After the presentation, three aspiring entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to the audience and with free beer and sandwiches, I must say this event was a great success! Meeting so many ambitious entrepreneurs with different perspectives and varying backgrounds has further solidified my conviction that one day, I too, will join their ranks as a fellow entrepreneur.

As I look out the bedroom window now, the snow has stopped and dare I say I see sunshine? We're off to Copenhagen after lunch, with a visit at Copenhagen Business School out of the way, we are planning to tour the Carlsberg Brewery, Assistens Cemetery(Noels Bohr is buried there!...Im a science geek), and of course no trip to Copenhagen would be complete with the requisite stop to Freetown Christiania! With the promise of plentiful Danish hotdogs and cheap alcohol(compared to Sweden) abound-this weekend is shaping up to be a truly epic one!

-Xoxo-Ran- An Aspiring Nomadic Entrepreneur

I have still have yet to obtain an accurate diagnosis for my mystery rash(see doctor post), but with the purchase of another tube of Midison Lipid 1%kräm(the good stuff), the itching has become an annoying but manageable condition...lets see how long it takes me to make it through this new tube, huh? 

My life in a suitcase

Beautiful train views...

Furry in Lund!

Pate, Cheese, Bread and TEA, what else could you need in life?

Real Scrotch.

Downtown Lund, Sweden. Styling!

The first(or second) oldest building in Lund :P

Malmö, Sweden

Considering the plunge..!

Mikael Kretz presenting at Startup Dojo in Malmö-fantastic dojo outfit!

I am listening to:
Parachute Youth-"Can't Get Better Than This"

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